Maps of the Amtrak Chicago Rail Terminal

Amtrak Chicago Union Terminal looking north, 18th Street to 24th Street.

Amtrak Chicago Union Terminal, Taylor Street to 18th Street.Once again, note the 20th Century clubhouse.

South Branch Sidestep, Amtrak/Metra Chicago Rail Terminal

Beltlines of Chicago

18th Street Viaduct

Another view from the viaduct
View from the 18th street viaduct
Have power, will travel! These 5 units are heading to the freight yard, looking for a train.
The train to Grand Rapids passes an F40PH converted to a cab control/baggage car.
Can't let the WC through until the inbound Dinky (commuter train) gets past.
Another WC train waits for the signal, and Amtrak #5 leaves Chicago, heading for Oakland.
While a Wisconsin Central freight crosses the Metra Rock Island tracks.
Amtrak's inbound California Zephyr arrives...nearly on time!
Peeking through the trees, two locomotives power a Metra Commuter train on its way to Joliet, Illinois.
The view of Chicago railroad activity, as seen from the 18th street viaduct is a railroad buff's dream. In the foreground is part of Amtrak's Chicago Maintenance Facility.

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