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  20th CENTURY 

Metrolink Earthquake Operations: The Miracle of Tunnel 25

  • Wednesday, November 09, 2022
  • 7:00 PM

20th Century's Zoom programs return with an earthshaking tale.

Harvey Laner returns to the Zoom stage with the story of Tunnel No. 25 and its fascinating role in getting a devastated area in Southern California back on its feet following the January 1994 earthquake there.

The program will air at 7 pm (Central) on Wednesday, November 9th. There will be no recording posted following the live Zoom event.

Metrolink Earthquake Operations

The Miracle of Tunnel 25

Run Time: 1h 11m

The earthquake that struck Southern California at 4:30 am January 17th, 1994 was devastating by any measure. Loss of life and property was severe and deeply affected the people of the region. The collapse of the I-5, Freeway 14 interchange bridge in Weldon Canyon presented a major

transportation crisis. And there was simply no other rubber tire vehicle option through the mountains within miles. However, the 6,976-foot bore piercing the San Gabriel Mountains, known simply as tunnel number 25, also situated in Weldon Canyon on the former Southern Pacific’s Saugus line came through the 6.8 earthquake…unscathed. As the result, Metrolink’s Santa Clarita Line would see operational and alignment changes of unprecedented levels to meet the immediate surge in ridership. Train lengths were expanded from the normal three cars up to 8 cars and to as many as eleven cars with an F59PH locomotive placed at each end to assure sufficient power for the heavier consists. The Line was renamed Antelope Valley Line when service was extended within days of the quake through Soledad Canyon to Palmdale and Lancaster.

Harvey Laner resides in the area and immediately began making a video record of the events that followed the quake. This documentary is a details-intensive program that follows the progress of the various realignment projects before, during and after from lineside and from the locomotive cab.

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