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  20th CENTURY 

A sad time has come for the club as we have “reached the end of the line” and are closing the club.

Our Club has always been about the trips. There has been a dramatic change in the railroad industry toward rail fans. The type of fun activities we did in the past are no longer available such as charters and private cars.

We have experienced a drastic reduction in membership. As our remaining membership got older, many of our members were no longer able to volunteer in support of Club ctivities. The lack of volunteers made the Club increasingly dependent on an outside management company whose fees are rising. Inflation has accelerated the ever-rising costs of liability insurance to run the trips and hold meetings. Other expenses such as phone, internet fees, printing, tax preparation and other expenses add to the cost of operating a club for fewer and fewer members. When expenses exceed income, it becomes impossible to remain in operation.

This decision has not been an easy one for the board. Several of us are long term members of the club and wish the club could continue, but see the inevitable is finally here. We want to thank all of you for your support of the 20th Century over the years. It is remarkable for a club to have lasted into our 52nd year. We hope to see many of you as you continue your railfanning hobby.


The Twentieth Century Board of Directors
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