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SOLD OUT: Pullman National Monument

Due to strong demand, our July 30 meet-up tour of Chicago's Historic Pullman Village has reached capacity.
Thanks to all who have registered!


Coming in August: Our East Troy Electric Railroad Museum and Lake Geneva Harbor Cruise

This trip promises to be the highlight of the summer, with a motorcoach ride to Wisconsin with friends and family to enjoy a vintage trolley ride and visit to the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum and a vintage trolley ride. Then we move on to a pleasure cruise aboard one of Lake Geneva’s sightseeing vessels for a journey around the shoreline of Lake Geneva.
Details here.

October 8, 2022
Galena Country Fair

Ride with your family and friends on a motorcoach to the heralded GALENA

COUNTRY FAIR held at picturesque Grant Park in Galena, Illinois.

The fair features more than 150 arts, craft and fine art vendors, food, domestic and local craft beers and a Gazebo Wine Garden, as well as live entertainment.

Details here.


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At 7 p.m. (CST), Nov. 10, 2021 renowned author and historian Bruce Moffat hosted a program on Chicago's abandoned freight tunnels operated by the Chicago Tunnel Company from 1906 to 1959, plus some post-abandonment coverage.

September Zoom Recording available

Longtime rail advocate Andrew Selden shared his vision of an efficient, expanded intercity rail passenger service via the potential massive influx of federal funding from the recently passed infrastructure bill. Enjoy the recording of this Wednesday, Sept. 8 Zoom program that many thought was one of our best of the year.

Watch the recording:

April  Zoom meeting recording now available

20th Century's April Zoom meeting features the history of Pennsylvania inter-urban line Lehigh Valley Transit. The recording of the April 14 presentation by John Nicholson of the Central Electric Railfans' Association runs just about an hour long. 

Click on the below link to watch: 


March Zoom meeting recording now available

20th Century Railroad Club's inaugural Zoom presentation of Wednesday March 10, 2021 featured Dan Bartlett of the Elmhurst History Museum taking us on a history trip on the Galena Chicago Union Railroad.

Dan talked about the earliest history of the Galena Chicago Union Railroad through the western suburbs, its operations, and how the coming of that first rail line from Chicago affected the communities along its path.

The recording of the meeting is available to watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrzlRoWzpFQ

The Midwest Rail Rangers and the 20th Century Railroad Club "virtual" educational program regarding La Plata, MO and related railfan things of interest remains available. Use this link to view the program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WulTvv4fiMc 

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