Photos taken from the 
18th Street Viaduct

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Maps of the Amtrak Chicago Rail Terminal


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The view of Chicago railroad activity, as seen from the 18th street viaduct is a railroad buff's dream. In the foreground is part of Amtrak's Chicago Maintenance Facility. 

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Peeking through the trees, two locomotives power a Metra Commuter train on its way to Joliet, Illinois. 


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Amtrak's inbound California Zephyr arrives...nearly on time!


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While a Wisconsin Central freight crosses the Metra Rock Island tracks.

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Another WC train waits for the signal, and Amtrak #5 leaves Chicago, heading for Oakland.

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Can't let the WC through until the inbound Dinky (commuter train) gets past.

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The train to Grand Rapids passes an F40PH converted to a cab control/baggage car.

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Have power, will travel! These 5 units are heading to the freight yard, looking for a train.

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View from the 18th street viaduct


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Another view from the viaduct