Membership Application
20th Century Railroad Club


Please print this form, fill it out, enclose payment and mail via postal mail to the club.
Do not send this form via e-mail.

All categories of membership include all members of your immediate family, plus 4 quarterly issues of "The Fast Mail." Contributing and "Century Club" members also receive a certificate of thanks and their names published in "The Fast Mail."

Please choose a membership category: 

(   ) Student - $10 (age 17 or younger)
(   ) Regular-$40 per year
(   ) Contributing-$75 (or more) per year
(   ) Century Club-$125 (or more) per year
(   ) Presidents Club-$250 (or more) per year

Member Name(s):_____________________________________________________

Mailing Address:______________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP Code, Country:___________________________________________

Home Phone:_________________________________________________________

Work Phone:_________________________________________________________

Mobile Phone:________________________________________________________


Payment Method (For your protection, please do not email credit card numbers to us)

(   ) Check/Money Order
(   ) Master Card
(   ) VISA

Credit Card Number:_______________________________Expiration Date:__________

Cardholder Signature:_____________________________________________________

Please Print this form and send via postal mail to:

20th Century Railroad Club
Attention: Membership Secretary
400 East Randolph Street Ste. 3725
Chicago, IL 60601

Thank you for your support!