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The below links re: Wolsztyn Steam are on Youtube; Right-click and select Open in New Tab.


Here’s a scan of the July 1983 edition of The Fast Mail featuring N&W Class J 611 which was the star of Steam Chicago Style which was upcoming that month. Also featured is the Galesburg Zephyr chartered special train run earlier that year on approximately the schedule (out in the morning, back in the evening) of the Carl Sandburg that our group will be taking to Galesburg Railroad Days this year. (The Carl Sandburg did not exist at that time). 

"Flight of the Century"  New York Central promotional film from circa 1935 about our namesake train, the 20th Century Limited; on Youtube.  As with the Facebook link right-click on the link and select “open in new tab”.   


Our Facebook page. Right-click and select 'open in new tab'. (We have some pictures from National Train Day posted).  The material on the main page can be read even if you don’t have a Facebook account. Some other functions (such as “Events”) may or may not work unless you do have such an account, however; try it and see, (“your mileage may vary”). The Facebook page is updated frequently with news items; please check back often.


Wolsztyn Steam February 2011

Steam Locomotive Parade Wolsztyn 2013

Eye on Chicago - Jack Benny Tribute (Youtube)  Right-click and select Open in New Tab

Channel 5 News - Jack Benny Express (2/17/85)  Youtube again, do same as above.  


February 2, 2013 marked the 100th birthday of our namesake train’s eastern terminus, Grand Central Terminal. A full slate of activities and events mark this occasion; see the following link for more information.



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The Depot Inn hotel
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Webcam, La Plata, Amtrak Station
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Public Transport Progress

Skokie Swift Station Relocation (North Shore Line historic station)
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Public Transit
APTA - Light Rail Agencies
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St Louis Metrolink Light Rail
Operation Redblock



Amtrak and Amtrak Related

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Strictly Humor



Scenic Tourist Rail Lines

Verde Canyon Railway (Clarksville,AZ)
Grand Canyon Railway
Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway, Colorado

Historical Societies – Specific Railroads

Chicago Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society
Burlington route Historical Society
Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society
Chessie System Historical Society
Chicago & North Western Historical Society
Conrail Historical Society
Grand Trunk Western Historical Society
Great Northern Railway Historical Society
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Morse Telegraph Club, Inc
National Historical Rail Societies
Other Rail Historical Societies
New York Central System Historical Society
Nickel Plate Road Historical and Technical Society
Norfolk & Western Historical Society
Historic Pullman Foundation
Santa Fe Historical & Modeling Society
ShortLines of Chicago Historical Society
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Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society
Union Pacific Historical Society

Wabash Railroad Historical Society
Western Maryland Scenic Railway
National Railway Historical Society


Chicago Rail Junctions
Motel for Train Watchers
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Carriage House Bed and Breakfast
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TRAINWEB.COM great source of rail information

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Railroad Artwork Page
Railroad Artwork Page

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The NMRA Links Page  is actually Cyberspace World Railroad Links page
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