Radio Frequencies in use near the 18th Street viaduct"

Sorted by Railroad

160.305 Amtrak Passenger Services Department
160.740 Amtrak Yard Channel, all local moves east of BN mainline
161.100 BN Amtrak Train Director/CUS, BN Trainmaster/CUS
160.800 Conrail Road Channel 1, Amtrak trains to/from east
160.635 CRL Chicago Rail Link moves over St. Charles Air Line
161.190 IC Road Channel 1
160.770 Metra SOO (ex-MILW) commuter lines
160.920 Metra heritage Corridor (ex-GM&O) IC Road Channel 2
161.610 Metra Commuters on ex-Rock Island lines
160.440 NS Road Channel 3, Orland Park commuter line